The View from Penthouse B

The View from Penthouse B Two sisters recover from widowhood divorce and Bernie Madoff as unexpected roommates in a Manhattan apartment Unexpectedly widowed Gwen Laura Schmidt is still mourning her husband Edwin when her o

  • Title: The View from Penthouse B
  • Author: Elinor Lipman
  • ISBN: 9780547576213
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Two sisters recover from widowhood, divorce, and Bernie Madoff as unexpected roommates in a Manhattan apartment Unexpectedly widowed Gwen Laura Schmidt is still mourning her husband, Edwin, when her older sister Margot invites her to join forces as roommates in Margot s luxurious Village apartment For Margot, divorced amid scandal hint her husband was a fertility doctorTwo sisters recover from widowhood, divorce, and Bernie Madoff as unexpected roommates in a Manhattan apartment Unexpectedly widowed Gwen Laura Schmidt is still mourning her husband, Edwin, when her older sister Margot invites her to join forces as roommates in Margot s luxurious Village apartment For Margot, divorced amid scandal hint her husband was a fertility doctor and then made Ponzi poor, it s a chance to shake Gwen out of her grief and help make ends meet To further this effort she enlists a third boarder, the handsome, cupcake baking Anthony As the three swap money making schemes and timid Gwen ventures back out into the dating world, the arrival of Margot s paroled ex in the efficiency apartment downstairs creates not just complications but the chance for all sorts of unexpected forgiveness A sister story about love, loneliness, and new life in middle age, this is a cracklingly witty, deeply sweet novel from one of our finest comic writers Her worldview Her enthusiasm, her effortless wit Just a few of the reasons we love Elinor Lipman Boston Globe

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    • Elinor Lipman

      Elinor Lipman is the author of 11 humorous novels about contemporary American society essay and short story collections, and a book of rhyming political tweets Born and raised in Lowell, Massachusetts, she graduated from Simmons College where she studied journalism She lives in Manhattan, and received the New England Book award for fiction in 2001 Her first novel, Then She Found Me, was adapted for the screen, starring Helen Hunt, Bette Midler, Colin Firth and Matthew Broderick Her fourth novel, The Inn at Lake Devine was adapted for the off off Broadway stage by Tongue in Cheek Theater In 2011 2012, she held the Elizabeth Drew chair in creative writing at Smith College.

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    • Just a delight. I thought I'd attempt a Lipman triple crown -- three books in as many months --and all were winners. All were described by me with the word delight (it just fits), and have provided me with relief from the string of dark thrillers I have been reading. OverDrive audio has two more of her books so I will continue on to what I'm sure will be a Hi-Five.Two sisters, one divorced and one widowed, decide to live together to save money, in a Manhattan penthouse, no less. The penthouse is [...]

    • The one thing about picking up an Elinor Lipman novel is, you can be pretty sure what to expect from the get-go.You know the writing will be confident, breezy, and compulsively readable. You know her characters will be good-hearted, a little on the socially awkward style, and ready for some self-growth. And you know you’re going to get absorbed in the narrative and the wit, and really get emotionally invested in the eventual turnout.So if you’re an Elinor Lipman fan, this book is another rea [...]

    • Note to self: I am too old and life is too short to waste on books that are only mildly amusing. I like a good laugh as much as anyone, but this is not, as promised by the NYT Book Review , "as satisfying as a red velvet cupcake." It's not terrible; and if I were 21, maybe I would have more patience with the story development and waiting to hear characters say and do something new. In a nutshell: one sister is grieving a deceased husband and one sister is grieving a scumbag husband who cheated o [...]

    • To my mind, there are three general categories of books. First, there are The Books You Feel Like You Should Be Reading, which often overlap substantially with The Books You Never Read In High School Or College And Now It’s Sort Of Embarrassing That You Rented The Movie Version Of “Doctor Zhivago” Instead And Couldn’t Even Watch That All The Way Through. These books seem like a good idea, but the truth is that after a full workday, cooking, child-rearing, etc I’m approximately four bil [...]

    • What a fun frolic with two sisters trying to get their lives together following widowhood and a scandalous divorce and financial ruin. Add in a gay young man who bakes incredible cupcakes, the charming yet very flawed ex husband and you have "The View from Penthouse B."Have not read Lipman, but she was recommended for a humorous and light read, which I was in great need of. I loved how these sisters seemed to not have a clue as to how to reboot their lives, but that did not keep them from trying [...]

    • I love Elinor Lipman! Once again, she delivers a character driven novel with characters I love. The story is bare - Gwen-Laura is a not so rcent widow who is living with her older sister, Margot, in the New York penthouse Margot purchased shortly before losing all her money to Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme. The sisters take in another boarder, Anthony, and an assortment of other characters including Anthony's sister who is a nanny in love with her previous charges's father; Charles, Margot's gyne [...]

    • Is there a better contemporary author than Elinor Lipman in delivering a charming, witty, modern-day novel about adults? If so, I need to be reading their books. Elinor's The View from Penthouse B chronicles the lives of two sisters stuck in a bit of social limbo; one widowed suddenly over a year ago, the other a divorcee and victim of a Ponzi scheme. The two sisters become roommates, and take in a boarder in the form of a young gay man, also unemployed, and in his own state of limbo.While the s [...]

    • With a plot inspired by the headlines and a roommate situation worthy of a sitcom, The View From Penthouse B is both witty and fun. Two 40 or 50-something sisters live together in genteel poverty as they try to recover from their life setbacks. Gwen-Laura’s beloved husband died two years ago, a loss she still feels, and Margot’s fertility specialist ex-husband has just been released from prison for spreading his seed among his patients in a most unprofessional manner. Margot lost all the mon [...]

    • The View From Penthouse BByElinor LipmanMy " in a nutshell" summaryThe adventures of two sisters who room together in a penthouse apartment with a gay young man who bakes amazing cupcakes.My thoughts after reading this bookCircumstancesath and a Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme.e two sisters to share a penthouse apartment. Gwen's beloved husband is really deadMargot's is just dead to herdue to infidelity and her OBGYN's husband's indiscretions in his office. He is in prisonon to be released.Margot bri [...]

    • I've been a fan of Elinor Lipman for a long time, ever since I read The Inn at Lake Devine several years ago. Her last two novels, My Latest Grievance and The Family Man were just okay, and I was hoping for something better with this book. I'm happy to tell you that it delivered! It joins the aforementioned The Inn at Lake Devine, The Way Men Act and The Pursuit of Alice Thrift as my favorite Elinor Lipman novels. The plot was both touching and funny, the characters well-drawn, and the dialogue [...]

    • Elinor Lipman writes perfect books for what they are. Light, yet exquisitely written. I was actually sad when this one ended. I wanted to hang around Penthouse B a while longer.

    • A light, humorous read, nothing earthshaking, but definitely a good brain clearer after all the heavy reading I've been doing lately. Very entertaining as an audio.

    • Gwen-Laura is a widow. Her sister, Margot, is a divorcee (formerly married to a fertility doctor who had an unorthodox method of helping his patients get pregnant), and her other sister is smugly married and prosperous. Gwen is still mourning her husband, a public school art teacher, and Margot is spitting mad, both at her ex-husband, who is currently in prison, and at Bernard Madoff, who is also currently in prison. Neither sister has much money, certainly not enough to live well in Manhattan, [...]

    • I received The View from Penthouse B through the Vine Reviewers program. I hadn't read any of Elinor Lipman's earlier books and hadn't realized just how funny her writing can be. I started the book a few days ago, read it while traveling to Boston for a work emergency, and throughout the night once I got to Boston. I mention this just to emphasize that it drew me in and provided a wonderful escape!I loved the voice of the main character, the middle sister, Gwen-Laura Comadine. She's the newly w [...]

    • Another light, fun read from Elinor Lipman. Although I call her books light, this does not mean she is a bad writer. She somehow has the skill to make her stories breezy and fast while still having a good story behind them. The thing I like about her books is that people are pleasant to each other and actually try to get along. In this case, there are three sisters with very different personalities and life stories, but they still manage to meet for dinner on a regular basis and support each oth [...]

    • I'm never disappointed with a book by Elinor Lipman, and this latest novel is no exception - touching, funny, page-turning, at times surprising. I started out not really knowing how I felt about the narrator, Gwen, as her opening chapters were a little dry and distant. But as she continued to tell her story, I came to understand her and care about her very much. As usual in a book by Lipman, the supporting characters were all very believable, quirky and interesting. My only small complaint is th [...]

    • I LOVE Elinor Lipman; she is one the few contemporary novelists I distinctly recall discovering (at the Noe Valley branch of the SF Public Library) and just being stunned that I hadn't already heard of her, so much did I fall in love with her writing. But this one is not her best. It still has Lipman's signature blend of absurdity and humor and poignancy and optimism, but it was just missing something. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I have enjoyed a number of her others far more than thi [...]

    • Loved this light, entertaining book. Two sisters, one a widow and the other a divorcee, live together in a penthouse on the upper west side of New York. Sounds cushy, but the older sister, after buying the penthouse with her very generous divorce settlement, lost all the rest of her money in the Madoff Ponzi scheme. This story follows their ups and downs, often hilariously, as they try to re-enter the dating scene.Lovely writing; Lipman has such a light touch. I truly enjoyed this book. Will hav [...]

    • DNF. I hate to write a negative review because I didn't care for a book, but objectively speaking, there were some flaws in this one that undermined it. It lacked dramatic tension, the characters were one-dimensional, and the dialogue was odd; all the characters sounded the same, and they weren't convincing as 50-somethings. I wanted to like it, because I like reading fiction about older people, but sadly, this one didn't do it for me.

    • A chick lit novel where the protagonists are middle-age. Hurrah! The View From Penthouse B is a fun read with warm,likable characters who are struggling through grief, forgiveness, personal growth and starting over even in mid-life. A light urban romance. This is the first Elinor Lipman novel I’ve read. But it won’t be the last.

    • Elinor Lipman is like P.G. Wodehouse. She creates a world that is sweet, funny, smart and totally engaging. What a joy.

    • This book was a bit of a slow starter for me, but I enjoyed it very much by the end. Told with truth and honesty, the story of an unlikely trio of housemates was interesting, intriguing and, at the end, inspiring! It gave me an even greater appreciation for my blessed life and the everyday happiness that I'm fortunate enough to have.

    • Lipman writes about one of her characters' blogging styles, "her writing is lively and her pen poisonous in a most engaging way," which seems to me a good description of Lipman's style itself, especially in the early chapters of this light, engaging book. Having not read Lipman for a number of years, I was happily reminded of what I like about her: complex themes and passions dressed up in bright, humorous, often sarcastic packages; quirky characters; a tolerant forgiveness for her characters' v [...]

    • 2.5 stars Obviously, I'm not the target audience of this book. From the many glowing reviews on , this sounded promising. But, boy, how unrelatable the story was to me as the age gap between me and the characters are too huge. Yes, the main problem is I couldn't connect to the characters. Even worse, I couldn't care less about them. They seemed unimportant to me. However, there were some likable characters such as Margot and Anthony. The narrator though, didn't appeal much to me. In my opinion, [...]

    • Two sisters recover from widowhood, divorce, and Bernie Madoff as unexpected roommates in a Manhattan apartment.Unexpectedly widowed Gwen-Laura Schmidt is still mourning her husband, Edwin, when her older sister Margot invites her to join forces as roommates in Margot's luxurious Village apartment. For Margot, divorced amid scandal (hint: her husband was a fertility doctor) and then made Ponzi-poor, it's a chance to shake Gwen out of her grief and help make ends meet. To further this effort she [...]

    • This book was different than I was expecting from the title, I was picturing real housewives, but what I got was a well written character driven book about sisters, second chances, dating, grief and forgiveness played out with a humor I wasn’t expecting. These two sisters with very different problems living in an apartment together with Anthony their gay roommate as Margot deals with the her paroled ex-husband who moved in downstairs, plus financial woes thanks to Bernie Madoff, and Gwen jumpi [...]

    • *SPOILER ALERT* Elinor Lipman always has quirky, interesting characters, and she didn't disappoint in this book. It's my favorite book that I've read of hers. It's a nice mix of humor, romance & poignancy.Having the story from Gwen's perspective is especially funny. It's never directly said, but Gwen seems to have Asperger's-like characteristics. She sees things so literally-- so black and white-- that you can't help but love her for her blunt 'say it like it is' mannerisms. Margot is such a [...]

    • Pure froth, for the most part; reads like a TV situation comedy. That's not all bad, since this is by and large a fun read. But, as with eating cotton candy, there is not much substance, and one is left at the end with a bit of residual sweetness.The first quarter or so of the story is creative and funny, but after that it began to wear thin for me. It's difficult to describe why the plot did not work for me without resorting to spoilers. I'll just leave it as the way things evolve seemed hard t [...]

    • 3.5 starsIt's hard to start over anytime but it can be quite tricky in your 50's. This is what the two sisters, Margot and Gwen, must do when their lives take a major downturn. They do it with humor, love and mutual self-support. Margot divorces her husband, a doctor, after he is embroiled in a major sex scandal that sends him to prison. To add insult to injury, she loses most of hr money to the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scam. Gwen's husband dies unexpectedly and she can't seem to move on.Although Mar [...]

    • Not a lot happening here. I kept thinking this should be funnier, maybe if written by Nora Ephron or Helen Fielding. What I got was a cozy story of two sisters recovering from some tough times. They move in together and begin to sort out their lives. One sister was angry, one depressed. I thought the book lacked focus. Lots of detail about the whole internet dating service thing. The ads, the dates. Then some time spent on the two sisters lives. It lacked balance. Too much of one, not enough of [...]

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