Falling for Summer (Donovan Brothers #1)

Falling for Summer Donovan Brothers Love hits you when you least expect it grabs you sucks you in whole and twists you around until you could hardly breathe Love hurts like a sucker punch that s both glorious and beautiful Falling f

  • Title: Falling for Summer (Donovan Brothers #1)
  • Author: Kailin Gow
  • ISBN: 9781597480734
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Paperback
  • Love hits you when you least expect it, grabs you, sucks you in whole, and twists you around until you could hardly breathe Love hurts like a sucker punch, that s both glorious and beautiful Falling for Summer was like that for me, every time Nat DonovanThe Donovan BrothersTwo brothers as gorgeous as they are dangerous.Nat Donovan, the older responsible brother wLove hits you when you least expect it, grabs you, sucks you in whole, and twists you around until you could hardly breathe Love hurts like a sucker punch, that s both glorious and beautiful Falling for Summer was like that for me, every time Nat DonovanThe Donovan BrothersTwo brothers as gorgeous as they are dangerous.Nat Donovan, the older responsible brother with the passion of a starving man Knows what he wants, but knows he can t have it without giving up everything.Drew Donovan, the really bad boy, the black sheep, the one who has a devil may care attitude, wants what he wants, but knows he would have to go through the ones he loves to have it.Nat and Drew Donovan has known Summer Jones since they were kids She had always been the girl next door who was best friends with their little sister Rachel and was cool enough to play with the guys Now Summer is all grown up, gorgeous, and scorchingly sexy without even knowing it Responsible older brother Nat, who had always tried to keep their friendship platonic, now can t stop thinking of her and wanting Carefree Drew, who had always had a crush on Summer, but knew Summer s heart was already taken, can only fall further for her But no one had anticipated what would happen between the time the Donovan brothers fell for her and now No one knew how hard they would fall.YA Mature New Adult Contemporary Continues where Loving Summer left off, featuring mostly Drew and Nat s Point of View.

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    • As much as I enjoyed this book, Summer started irritating me when she was bouncing between Nat, Drew & Astor like a ping pong ball! I am #TeamDrew all the way & can't wait to read the next installment!! :):)

    • I really loved Loving Summer and was excited to be able to read more about the Donovan brothers in Falling for Summer. Nat, Drew, and their sister Rachel have known Summer since they were kids, spending summers together, and after a 3-year hiatus, had resumed that tradition in the first book in the series. What they didn't expect was to see Summer so grown up and so beautiful. Both of the guys had also grown up a lot, especially hot bad boy Drew. Drew has had a crush on Summer since he was a kid [...]

    • I enjoy reading books by Kailin Gow. It is my weakness.Falling for Summer has many great qualities. 1) It updates the reader on what happens with everyone after book 1. Aunt Sookie died and everyone deals with it differently. Nat and Drew have fallen for Summer. They have feelings for her and it is quite intense. Plus there is still the movie actor who adores Summer. 2) Romance isn't the only thing that drives this story. There is the issue of Bullying that Kailin handles in a very appropriate w [...]

    • This is a continuation of Loving Summer. This story picks up shortly after the summer where the lives of Summer, Rachel, Nat and Drew distracting change. There are more changes coming for this circle of 4. Someone is threatening Summer, but does it have to do with her relationship with Astor or something more personal??

    • I liked this one better than the first and I'm ready for 3 now.I have never read a book that I clearly do not have a guy I want the character with. I have no clue all 3 guys are great and I love Summer for trying to figure that all out.

    • 2nd book in the series and picks up where the 1st book leaves off both brothers are attracted to Summer who will she choose

    • I loved the first book in this series Loving Summer and though Falling for Summer is about the same characters it's more from the view of the Donovan brothers. I liked getting more about the brothers and how they felt about everything. I did enjoy this book but not nearly as much as Loving Summer. The tension and heart break were all still there but some of what happened in this one drove me through the walls. However maybe this book will set the stage for things to settle out a little bit. The [...]

    • What is so amazing about the characters that entertain in the Loving Summer series, is their unconditional love for one another. Kailin Gow brings that love from Summer, Nat, Drew and Rachel while introducing Falling for Summer, a Donovan Brothers novel. The story digs a little deeper into the minds of the men woman have come to know and drool over, appreciate. While Nat and Drew Donovan may be brothers, they are rivals when it comes to claiming all of Summer's heart. Their macho head-butting se [...]

    • I really, really loved the first book in the series, Loving Summer. Falling for Summer takes place a few months after Loving Summer, but it is the first book in a spin off/companion series which focuses more on the Donovan Brothers. I'm not sure what the timeline will be of these two series, but I thought Falling for Summer worked great as a sequel to the first book. Even though this is the first book in the "Loving Summer: Donovan brothers" series, I would still read Loving Summer before readin [...]

    • I absolutely adore this series!! Kailin really knows how to write great love stories!!Summer has taken on alot with the Academy since her Aunt passed away. Not only that, she has to deal with that backlash of being the girlfriend of an up and coming Hollywood star, Astor. Summer is torn between Astor and the Donovan brothers - Nat and Drew. She has such strong feelings towards all of them, but all of them different. Things with her and Astor are becoming tough since he is always away filming. Na [...]

    • I absolutely love everything kailin gow writes especially this series!! loving summer was amazing and for her to make a book just from the Donovan brothers point of view with a little from summer is AMAZING!! I am a total drew fan he is my favorite I can only hope summer didn't screw everything up with her obsession over nat even though I love him too but for different reasons!! he is the knight in shinning armor. but he can never truly be there for summer the way she needs that's why I love dre [...]

    • This is more from the Boys point of view. It goes over some of what happen in the first book but pretty much starts from the ending of book one. It shows the struggles that Drew and Nat have over their feelings for Summer and knowing that both brothers love her. The pain of losing Aunt Sookie has hit them all - including Astor. Will his relationship with Summer last or is the long distance pulling them apart? Will Drew or Nat get a chance at love with Summer?I didn't like some parts of the book [...]

    • It was an okay book. I felt like I was skimming cause honestly some times it was boring and dragged out. This book needs some more details and characterization. Three guys are obsessed with one girl cause she is hot and nice. It just seems kind of stupid. Yeah the brothers had some history with her, but some stuff doesn't add up. Nate completely ignored Summer, all these years and now he says he is secretly in love with her. Drew and Rachel could see how Summer looked at him, yet he still ignore [...]

    • I really enjoyed this book. I find that it was a little more suspenseful than "Loving Summer" but still had enough love and heartbreak. Although he wasn't in this book as much as Nat, and as much as I though I wouldn't pick Drew, I really think I'm on the poor guys team. He's really proving himself. I always was team Nat. He's gorgeous and kind hearted but he's to involved with worry about what could go wrong instead of just following his heart and making it work. He's hurting people when he thi [...]

    • I have the same complaint about this book as I did for the first one I feel like I don't get a whole book when I'm done reading There's no beginning, middle, and ending. No resolution to any of the storylines. I've read series before - even ones with cliffhangers that I've loved- but this is different. The ending if both books makes me think my kindle has malfunctioned and I'm prematurely stopping in the middle of the book. Yet I'm strangely compelled to read about these characters I hope the ne [...]

    • I don't know what to say about this. It is obvious we aren't going to have an ending anytime soon. So I guess she is going to do this series like pulse, the damsel just can't freaking decide who she wants. But she still does everything physical with all excluding actual intercourse. What does that say about her? Hmmm. This one had me skimming pages, not good. Not better than the first. I just can't seem grasp this one.

    • LOVED this book/series! Couldn't stop reading. I am anxiously waiting for the next book in the series. To be honest, I am team Drew. Nat had his chance and he blew it time and again. Though Drew was a bit immature at first, he seems to have really grown up. Ahhh is the next book out yet (I know, no). Put me out of my misery:)

    • Great book in the series. Cal and Summer were meant to be. But so were Drew and Summer. The problem is that drew and Cal are brothers. With the summer hotting up and both boys being in competition what will happen. What happens in Summer Stays in summer. And with Summers aunt acting weird what will occur and who will she chose. Great must read series.

    • 2.5 stars. I really enjoyed Loving Summer, but I found myself just wanting this book to be over while I was reading it. I will still probably read the next books in these two series. I guess I enjoyed the first book enough to want to know how their story ends. I like the story of the two brothers and one girl they both love. I am hoping the next books will grab my attention more.

    • I had high expectations for this book, based on the cover, but sadly, I was let down. I had no idea Summer was this bipolar. One minute, she was in love with Astor, the next she was breaking up with him for Drew, then saying to Nat that there was no one else but him, and that she would love only him. It was SO confusing.

    • Poor Astor! He seems like such a good guy to be in such a love . . . Triangle of sorts. Then I feel for Drew, is he going to take the crazy train? Nat, oh Nat, just make it work because obviously Summer wants you! I guess we have to wait for the next installment. Seems as though Summer will be spending time on her own with how things ended or will Drew change his mind??

    • Hot summer fun with the Donovan's. An interesting contemporary romance that also has stalking, bullying and drama. It shows that a family is not always Bound by blood ties. Well written characters, not sure which brother is more steamy, but leaning towards Nate.A wonderful fast paced read. I want more!

    • I did like hearing this from more of the gentlemans' perspective, and holy crap, do things ever get hot and heavy and complicated with this crew! Whew! But it wasn't as good as Loving Summer. Thus: the 3 star rating.

    • TEAM NAT! Ugh if Summer goes for Drew, I will be highly upset. Anyways, this was a great book! But I don't know if I will be continuing the series due the results of the poll on theEDGEbooks, so far team Drew is winning. But we still have voting until 2015 so we'll see what happens!

    • Too many technical errors made reading this story painful. It's as if there was no editing or auto correct was relied on too heavily. Also the cyber bullying plot was weak and the preaching that resulted was weak.

    • I loved Loving Summer. However this one was more definitely graphic, had more grammatical errors, and less character development unless you consider a spicier more wishy-washy Summer an improvement. I enjoyed it but not as much as the first book. Still looking forward to the next book

    • Don't get me wrong, I love this book! It was just that i felt it did not have a strong storyline and it was very cheesy! Everything moves so fast between the MULTIPLE couples it just seemed so unrealistic!

    • Can these boys get any hotter? Nat and Drewwow just wow. They are just amazing! Swoon worthy for sure. Katilin Gow was able to write another amazing book in the Loving Summer series. I can't wait to see what is next!

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