Adventures of a Waterboy

Adventures of a Waterboy I was six or seven when I noticed the music in my head It was there in the classroom on the football pitch at the dinner table when I went to sleep and when I woke up And it s continued ever since

  • Title: Adventures of a Waterboy
  • Author: MikeScott
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  • I was six or seven when I noticed the music in my head It was there in the classroom, on the football pitch, at the dinner table, when I went to sleep and when I woke up And it s continued ever since A Waterboy s Adventures In Music is a fascinating, evocative memoir by one of the great British songwriters of the past four decades It is an honest and revealing work, b I was six or seven when I noticed the music in my head It was there in the classroom, on the football pitch, at the dinner table, when I went to sleep and when I woke up And it s continued ever since A Waterboy s Adventures In Music is a fascinating, evocative memoir by one of the great British songwriters of the past four decades It is an honest and revealing work, by turns heartfelt and funny, that tells the story of a cocky Scot with a sound in his head and his lifelong efforts to reproduce that sound a story that runs from teenage fandom to international stardom, from Scotland to New York City and beyond As a teenager in Scotland, Mike played in punk and garage bands, hitchhiked to see Bob Dylan, and scammed his way into punk poet Patti Smith s inner circle during an eye opening weekend in London In 1983 he formed The Waterboys with an ever rotating cast of collaborators and soon found international success with the trademark big music sound of songs like Don t Bang The Drum and The Whole Of The Moon Three years later, Scott travelled to Ireland to spend a week with fiddler Steve Wickham and ended up staying for six years During that time he developed a deep interest in roots and folk music, resulting in The Waterboys best selling album, Fisherman s Blues After scaling the heights of success and moving the band to New York, he followed another fascination and went to live in the Findhorn spiritual community in Northern Scotland Mike Scott continues to push musical boundaries and still tours regularly with new and reconfigured versions of his legendary band In 2010 The Waterboys premiered their new work, An Appointment With Mr Yeats, at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin The album of the same name was released to great acclaim in 2011.

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      Scottish singer, songwriter and musician Scott is the founding member, lead singer and the lead songwriter of rock band The Waterboys enpedia wiki Mike_ScoLibrarian note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name

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    • A great read that goes from boyhood up to the turn of the century, through many musical collaborations, inspirations, people and places, never far away is His spiritual quest, the search for the spirit of Pan through not just the music, but rustic landscapes from Scotland to Ireland, to spiritual landscapes like Glastonbury and the Findhorn Community. The people and places weave an intriguing tale of musical influences that have shaped the music down the decades. My only disappointment has been [...]

    • I’m going to admit for the first time that I had a big crush on Mike Scott when I was a teenager. It probably had as much to do with his rich, soul-searching music, coming as it did at the apex of my Celtic obsession, as with his amazing head of hair and leather-clad charm. At that point, I had little more to sustain my ardour than the Pagan Place album cover I’d purchased secondhand in a 4th Street NYC record shop, which travelled with me to Britain and then to Australia where I’m playing [...]

    • I've been a fan of the Waterboys since I saw the video for "The Return of Pan" on the old alternative music show 120 Minutes back when MTV used to show actual music videos. Like many I was surprised when their style changed suddenly from alt-rock to traditional Irish music / rock fusion, but that only exposed me to genres of music I had never been really into. Anyway, I was looking on for some of the Waterboys' catalogue of previously unreleased material when I saw that the lead singer and driv [...]

    • I Was Recommended This Book By A Friend Who Doesn't Even Like The Waterboys.It Is Absolutely Beautifully Written.Mike Certainly Has A Way With Words.For Anyone Involved In The Music Scene In Dublin & Ireland,From The Mid Eighties Through Most Of The Years That Followed,This Book Is A Must Read.And No,You Don't Have To Be A Huge Fan Of The Band To Thoroughy Enjoy This Excellent Book.I'd Go So Far As To Say It's The Best Music Biography I've Read To Date And That's Saying Something !

    • This is probably one of the best music biographies I have ever read. Mike Scott is a wonderful writer as well as lyricist- the prose is poetic and at times so beautiful you just have to stoop and savour it. I loved all his stories especially the ones involving Mike meeting his idols over the years (especially Patti Smith). There are laugh out load momenets and also some very tender adn moving passages. I would recommend this to any music lover- you dont need to be a Waterboys fan but I guarantee [...]

    • Mike Scott – Adventures of a WaterboyFor any Waterboys fan this book would be a dizzying pleasure – and as a lifelong fan of their music I disclose my interest. To hear how some of my favourite songs (e.g. 'A Pagan Place'; 'The Whole of the Moon'; 'Fisherman's Blues'; 'The Return of Pan') were conjured up, and to discover Mike Scott's journey, which until now had only been gleaned through those songs was an unmitigated delight. I read the book cover-to-cover in a state of sustained bliss – [...]

    • Like Patti Smith and Bob Dylan, Mike Scott is equally excellent at writing prose narrative as he is at writing songs. His lyrical prose mirrors perfectly the words that he writes for The Waterboys. Scott's a Romantic, a mystic in the tradition of Yeats, Van Morrison, Rimbaud, and Patti Smith - and his prose flows like a Romantic river whose source is a supreme combination of his heart and the (to quote one of his songs) "Spirit" that binds us together.The book touches on Scott's boyhood and expe [...]

    • I finished reading this book a couple of weeks ago but have been waiting for my lasting impressions before reviewing. I should start by saying that I've loved Mike Scott since I first heard A Pagan Place. In high school and in college I kind of considered him a personal prophet. I was taken by his spirituality; his words helped me understand Life. Only Mike Scott can sing a lyric that should come off as cheesy or pretentious and have it sound like the truth. I love his sincerity.So the bookI wou [...]

    • Surprisingly well-written, mostly candid and deftly self-aware, this is a gift to anyone who is/was a fan of the Waterboys, given the relative paucity of material that was available at the time. Strange that he stops in 2000 - was it for the arc of the tale (slight upswing to end on) or to leave stuff for (an at this point rather unlikely) Part 2? Some of the scenes he describes are brilliantly done; he really is a writer. Things I missed in the book: he skips over what took him from post punk a [...]

    • The Replacements Trivia:1.)"Red red wine on Sunday. Just like Martin said."This is a reference to Martin Zellar of the Gear Daddies. The story, as Martin himself related it, was that they, Paul and Martin, were at a party once talking about visiting their grandparents when they were young. Martin told Paul that every Sunday he would go to his grandparents and be allowed to drink a glass of wine for the occasion.The verdict, or edict, after scientifically running it through the Daniel Meter Tubes [...]

    • What a fantastic book (so far - and I'm only at the end of chapter 4). I received the chief Waterboy's autobiography today and am already having to force myself to slow down in order to truly savour it. So far, wonderful tales of Scott's life as a star-struck fan (including a couple of lovely vignettes featuring Bono and Paul Weller) before he became something of a rock star himself. Some of the writing is so good (e.g. the end of the Patti Smith chapter) that it gives me the same spine-tingles [...]

    • One of my favourite music reads of 2012, this book will appeal to any music lover.His writing as you can imagine, similar to his lyrics, is just so eloquent and a joy to read."Soon this education was expanding my musical consciousness and changing the way I listened: trad tunes flew by so fast I had to sharpen my wits just to follow what was happening, and as I drew closer to the music I discovered sophistication at work – nuance, ornamentation, interplay, the personality of individual players [...]

    • Would have been 5 stars were it not for the abrupt ending in 2000. Perhaps there will be a part 2 detailing Universal Hall/Book Of Lightning/Mr. Yeats and beyond? I hope soI wasn't ready to stop reading.The book was a revelation. I always thought that Fisherman's Blues/Room To Roam/Too Close To Heaven were only the tip of the iceberg - not just in terms of a body of work but in terms of Mike's life. It was compelling to read about the years of living that went into the few hours of music that en [...]

    • I thought this was a wonderful glimpse into Mike's personal evolution. Like any "famous" person, your like or dislike of them changes when you move past the book they wrote, the song they sang, the painting they painted. With Mike, I came away with a much deeper understanding of his drive to bring the music in his head outwards. I also am very happy I never had to be in his band as he goes through musicians at quite a rapid rate. Most importantly, the arc of his career makes so much sense now co [...]

    • This reads like Mike is telling you his life story over a beer in a pub. He brings you along, revealing his creative process at different stages, when it worked for him and when it didn't. I think anyone who appreciates music, or any other creative endeavor, will recognize the inner dialogue that brings a person from self-centered egotist, to empathetic and self-critical, back around to confident and in the zone. Well written, every Waterboys fan should read it. I didn't want it to end.P.S. I de [...]

    • Have been a fan or Mike Scott and the Waterboys (in their various configurations) for much of my adult lifewasn't quite sure how Mr. Scott's writing would translate to the narrative form, had weirdly mixed feelings about jumping in hereedn't have worriede writing was engaging, poetic, and human filled in alot of the gaps in the band's historyd put one on the front line in the making of each record was not self-congratulatory in any waybut a true portrait of the struggle between making a living a [...]

    • I love Mike Scott and his search for the light. He is a true Bard, a musical poet. He has sought truth and shares it through his brilliant music.This book details his adventures. Mike Scott is not your typical rock star. He travels to mystical places in search of something better. Something better may mean love, music or spiritual enlightenment.This book is a must for Waterboys fans.Mike Scott allowed us into his spirit, his music and life is more meaningful because of it.Find the pan within and [...]

    • I loved every page of this book. I've been a fan of The Waterboys since about '87 but, reading this, I realised I didn't really know anything about them. Well written and very honest, this is what an autobiography should be. You really get the sense that Scott realises his mistakes he has made along the way and has regrets about some of the decisions he has come to. The Waterboys probably should have been bigger than they are but you get the sense that, though he's made mistakes and has regrets, [...]

    • I've been a Waterboys fan since the 80's when I was givena copy of the album Fisherman's Blues. We saw them performin Austin in April and I came across his autobiography aroundthe same time. I've really enjoyed it.This is a great book for Waterboys fans. I feel that I know Scottreally well now and how he came to create his music. I'm looking forward to listening to the albums I have and buying more.

    • I feel this book basically gives an explanation to where The Waterboys' ever-changing sound came from. Does what it says on the cover - a wonderful read about Mike Scott's adventures. He's a really interesting guy. Lost interest in a couple of parts, hence only four stars, but not for long. I'm pretty grateful for this insight into his life, and he became more than just a musical influence to me after I read it - after reading I kinda wanted to be more adventurous.

    • Extraordinarily well written however it's frustratingly uneven. The raggle taggle era and Findhorn are covered in some depth however the first two albums are skipped over (all of a sudden he "had a record in the charts") and even This Is The Sea is given short thrift. As others have remarked, it ends in 2000. More akin to Dylan's Chronicles than anything else.

    • Mike Scott kan virkelig skrive, det er det ingen tvil om. Har skriver godt om musikken, men jeg ble litt lei av å lese om rekruttering og sparking av en hærskare musikere, produsenter og managere. Av en eller annen grunn velger Scott å la være å skrive om oppstarten til The Waterboys, det skulle jeg gjerne lest om.

    • Absolutely loved this book. Not perfect, but wonderful nonetheless. Scott really has an eye for detail and the knowledge of language to describe it. An inspiring & very relatable journey. Just when I had reached burnout with music memoirs this one renewed my faith.

    • A great,great read. Mike has a nice turn of phrase, and tells his story, very much warts & all, up to 2000, very well. Interesting commentary on the industry he's been part of,it's to his credit that he's come through it all relatively sane. Hope he does a second volume.

    • Charming memoir from the lead singer of one of my favorite bands. The descriptions of growing up in Scotland and living in Ireland gave more depth to the songs. Recommend listening to the music while reading for the fully immersed experience.

    • I love Waterboys songs but a whole book written in the style of their lyrics is a bit much. So many people are mentioned in the text it is difficult to keep track of them all and the book would have been enhanced by the explanations left until the appendix actually being in the text.

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