Princess Mermaid

Princess Mermaid In this dark hued ocean fable three beautiful and seductive mermaid sisters Tara Julie and Ai lure unsuspecting sailors into their underwater pleasure palace for a different kind of dinner But th

  • Title: Princess Mermaid
  • Author: Junko Mizuno
  • ISBN: 9781591161172
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this dark hued ocean fable, three beautiful and seductive mermaid sisters, Tara, Julie, and Ai, lure unsuspecting sailors into their underwater pleasure palace for a different kind of dinner But things take a twist when Julie sees all too human Suekichi as entrancing than edible, launching an affair that puts them in the middle of a very strange feud.

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      183 Junko Mizuno
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    About “Junko Mizuno

    • Junko Mizuno

      Junko Mizuno Mizuno Junko is a Japanese manga artist Mizuno s drawing style, which mixes childish sweetness and cuteness with terror and erotica, has often been termed a Gothic kawaii or kawaii noir style However, Mizuno has stated that she does not feel comfortable about those terms, as she doesn t want to label her work with words because it keeps changing and is influenced by many different genres.Mizuno has stated that her work is influenced by sh jo manga works this influence is exhibited through her use of bright colorization and the large eyes she provides for her characters Her art has a decidedly pop art and psychedelic flair, and a sizable proportion of her published work is colored, rather than the black and white format typical of most Japanese comics.A part of Mizuno s oeuvre revolves around fairy tales, showing titles such as Cinderalla, Princess Mermaid and HanselGretel The story behind this is that after the release of Pure Trance, Mizuno was approached by a publisher who was interested in working with her because of her unique style However, this publisher did not like the story of Pure Trance as it differed a lot from mainstream comics at the time Because of this, he suggested she d make comics about fairy tales, which were commercially viable Mizuno has stated that as she was just starting out her career as a professional artist, she decided to take the opportunity, and that while in hindsight she was not very comfortable with the situation, it was a good experience for her.Mizuno has participated in the Angoul me International Comics Festival and the Lakes International Comic Art Festival In 2007 Mizuno s work was on display at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery in Los Angeles, in an exhibit titled Heart Throb and at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, California in an exhibit titled Tender Succubus In 2014, Mizuno held an exhibition of her work titled Belle the Art of Junko Mizuno at the Atomica Gallery in London from

    403 thoughts on “Princess Mermaid

    • I really wanted to like this book. I had looked forward to reading Junko Mizuno for such a long time. But I was severely disappointed.The first thing that struck me was how ugly the book was. The font is totally out of place and the overall design seems lazy and sloppy. Also the paper is of very poor quality which makes the colors dull.The second think is the story. It is very flimsy and a lot of the things that happen or are said feels out of place and unecessary. I don't know if the translatio [...]

    • Mizuno's cutesy style and morbid storytelling did not work in this one. Roughly based on The Little Mermaid this comic follows the fate of three mermaid sisters who lure men with sexual advances just to eat them. They want revenge on humans because of the Utsumi family who collected rare sea creatures and killed their family. One of the mermaids falls in love with an Utsumi who only moments earlier attempted to rape her. No thanks. On top of that the writing was bad and none of the drawings were [...]

    • "Princess Mermaid" is a very to put thisychedelic tale. The art, though lovely, is very trippy. The story is good, but a little too fast paced to make much of an impression. The graphic novel is very short.

    • This is the final book in Mizuno's fairy tale series and is the darkest of the three. It's somewhat surprising to see the story here, as the other two were so unabashedly positive and upbeat as a whole. This one? It's pretty dark overall and has an ending that is upbeat for some characters and bleak for others. That's a slight spoiler, but I won't elaborate on what happens to whom.The artwork here is nicely done, but it's slightly more sedate than Cinderella or Hansel and Gretel. I believe this [...]

    • Revised review: Normally, I would leave the previous review as a contrast, to see what I thought the first time around (in 2008) versus the re-read opinion. But I'm so embarrassed by my dismissive take on it the first time around that I'm just getting rid of it. First of all, Junko Mizuno's art is really great- creative and beautiful, in a highly stylized, specific manner. The story is a little ridiculous, but that is part of what makes it so great. It's like a stream-of-consciousness exercise, [...]

    • It's hard to resist a Junko Mizuno interpretation of "The Little Mermaid," which is a pretty disturbing fairy tale on its own, if you're reading the original Hans Christian Anderson version. However, I think my expectations might have been too high.The artwork is beautiful, naturally, and I appreciate the influence of traditional Japanese mermaid folklore-Japanese mermaids are man-eating, as are the cute versions in Mizuno's interpretation-but I guess my gruesome expectations were a bit too high [...]

    • Wonderfully creepy and tragic, with beautiful art. This is an amazing retelling of the story we all know, and it's totally worth a read.My only complaint is that the binding is awful and fell apart almost immediately, but that doesn't reflect negatively on the story, art, or author at all.

    • This was the WEIRDEST adaptation of the Littler Mermaid I've ever experienced. I'm pretty sure the author wrote it simply as an excuse to draw lots of mermaid boobs. Because they would have a shirt on in one panel and inexplicably not have a shirt on in the next. And the story was barely coherent.

    • I love Junko Mizunos' art and her mermaids are gorgeous and I have to admit I am a sucker for flesh eating mermaids. This is a love vs hunger story that is kinda sweet kinda morbid. The combo truely works.

    • Read if you likengeancemermaidssexsisterhoodmomscolorsviolencedragonsforbidden loveRead if you hate.egsalso will only take like 2 hours to get through. not a children's book there are a lot of bloody massacres and naked canoodling oh la la

    • I've been in love with Junko Mizuno's artwork for as long as I can remember and this dark re-telling of "the little mermaid" is spectacular. This is a wonderfully weird story that is definitely not for everyone, especially those expecting all the characters to get a happy ending!

    • Le style graphique est remarquable, les couleurs magnifiques. Mon problème est dans l'histoire qui est terriblement dure à suivre vu la manière dont l'art prend le pas sur la cohérence graphique et textuelle. Différencier les différentes sirènes était un immense défi que je n'ai pas su réussir.

    • Quite disturbing, definitely not for children ! But I liked it (I think I liked it) and found this take on The Little Mermaid more original than what Mizuno did with Hansel & Gretel.

    • Still one of the most unique, psychedelic, and messed up retellings of the "Little Mermaid" I have ever seen.

    • The art is drop-dead gorgeous, but the story telling was a bit choppy. I do not know whether that can be attributed to the translation or the reversing of the artwork into an American format.

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